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Today…Not Win…

So, today has been pretty boring so far. Went for a run earlier and it was so hot outside. Had some meatloaf for dinner and it was the shit! Nothing will ever come close to being able to fuck with my meatloaf. I will miss being able to eat stuff like this. So, i also got into a group for some ICC10 cheevo’s and that went by pretty fast. But now here i am, super boreded listening to some ADTR on Pandora. Also. I’m watching Shark Week cause its fucking badass! Anywho, got to raid some ToTFW here in about 20 minutes so i shall talk later.


Raven Lord

So, i decided to give it a try at farming for this sweet mount..

Been Waiting A Long Time For This…

Alrighty everybody, so i know its been only a few months(lol) since my last post. But I’v decided to blog for a bit. I recently enlisted in the US Navy and i ship out 22NOV2011 for RTC. So until then i shall blog at least once a day about my adventures and of course about WoW. So, of course I’v been raiding. Death By Design is currently 3/7 in Fire Lands. I’m currently running Holy Paladin named Corry and it is awesome! Well, i guess I’m going to get out of here for a bit and find something to do. Have a good one!

My Blood DK UI

you download it here:
then for the power aura strings you can go here:

copy and paste that into the “import set” option.

Upcoming Class Changes!

Alrighty! So in the next upcoming patch, expect some changes! Some of these will be for the better and some for the worst.

I’ll be excited about the ret pally change: [quote]”Mastery is a new stat for us, and there are a few specs that don’t value it enough. In some cases (e.g. Combat rogues), the design for mastery is fine and we just need to buff the effects to make it more desirable. In others, we don’t think it’s possible to buff mastery enough in its current form. For example, the Retribution mastery, Hand of Light, is fun, but it doesn’t contribute enough damage. To make it contribute enough damage, the proc would need a very high chance, which then can cause paladins to devalue other sources of Holy Power. Instead, we are redesigning Retribution mastery to add a percentage of the damage of Templar’s Verdict, Crusader Strike, and Divine Storm as Holy damage (which also plays better with Inqusition). Because Hand of Light is fun, however, we are going to change Divine Purpose as a chance to proc Hand of Light instead of a chance for extra Holy Power (which will also remove a little of the randomness from the rotation).”[/quote]

And the source for all this can be looked up here: Upcoming Class Changes

Death Knights

Okay,  so i’v been leveling up my death knight lately.. and it is freaking AWESOME! This is way better then a ret pally. So i’v decided ill be re-rolling to this DK. Frost is a really fun way to go. I kill stuff really fast; much faster then i did on my paladin. I haven’t fully played around with unholy yet though. But i hear its pretty fun. So expect alot of DK stuff around! 😛

Merry Christmas!

Okay peoples! Merry christmas! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got everything they wanted including Cataclysm(for those that hadn’t gotten it yet.) Sorry for not posting this exactly on Christmas day;  was very busy.