For all your World of Warcraft in-game updates


OKAY! so, I know i haven’t posted in a very long time. But i’v decided i will stick to this! So heres the run down.

-I hope you all had an amazing Turkey Day!

-I went to the Cataclysm release here in Missouri and it ROCKED! I got a free Cata poster(picture will follow)

-I leveled from 80-85 on my paladin within’ the first 20 hours! Dungeons are hard so just quest guys!(maybe make a fast leveling video on another toon for ya guys)

-Lastly, Season has begun this week and I’m kicking some alliance ass! Maybe ill make an arena video as well.

Also, another thing. I’v decided to just stick to the youtube channel I’v been using since it came out, so yeah there so new stuff on there.



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